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REVIEW – Chow Truck

Chow Truck

Location : Parked in various places around Salt Lake City.  Find where it is today at

Review : 4.5 stars

As Noyen previously mentioned, there’s a brand new mobile eatery in Salt Lake City.  You may remember in 2009 that I wrote about a truck in California serving up asian fusion tacos and that I wished Salt Lake had something similar.  This wish has come true in the form of the Chow Truck.  I recently loaded up the tacocar with my fellow taco enthusiasts to see if the truck could live up to my dream.  How did it live up to my dream?  Keep reading and this taco adventure will unroll like a tortilla before your eyes.

The air was electric with anticipation for the Chow Truck as we left the office to load up on tacos.  We had already heard from others who had tasted from the truck that the tacos (and other delights) on the menu were a very different and delicious experience not to be missed.  And of course I was more than giddy about the idea of a truck which moves all over the city day to day whose location you must find from its website or from Twitter.  This idea of taco trucks and flash mobs was something I had wanted to see for a long time.

As we arrived at the Chow Truck where it was parked that day at Trolley Square the incredibly friendly owner of the truck SuAn Chow immediately jumped out of the truck to greet us.  Extremely friendly, SuAn walked us through everything on the menu and recommended a few of the tacos that people had been enjoying lately.  From what I understand, the menu can change frequently based on what people are liking, so when you go there you may have something else entirely.

We all chatted with SuAn for a bit who told us about how she started the truck and how well business was already going.  SuAn has been working in the restaurant business for some time so when she was thinking of starting the Chow Truck she started out with a lot of research. Trust me, she takes her food and her tacos seriously!  She spent a lot of time in Los Angeles checking out Kogi Tacos and the other taco trucks that LA has to offer and came back to treat us with the Chow Truck. She also explained how she and chef Rosanne Ruiz developed the menu and how they wanted to explore the cuisine that results when Mexico and all of Asia meet inside the demilitarized zone of a tortilla.  Check chef Ruiz’ impressive history as a chef.  Her credentials alone will make you want to visit the Chow Truck.

SuAn Chow is one of the nicest people in Salt Lake City.  I listened to what SuAn told us and knew immediately that I needed to try one of each taco :

  • Coconut Lemongrass Chicken
  • Pineapple-Ginger Pork
  • Spicy Beef w/ Cilantro Chili Pesto

I had no idea that the flavors would be such an interesting mix so I was impatient to get these tacos into my mouth-hole. Luckily, the tacos arrived quickly into my mouth-hole and I have to say that I recommend these tacos to all taco enthusiasts.  These were absolutely delicious.  The chicken was great.  Delicious fresh veggies mixed in with lemongrass chicken.  The pineapple-ginger pork was fantastic.  The ginger gave this a great aftertaste.
Finally, I chomped down on the spicy beef.  Absolutely amazing.  Several of us went back for seconds just to try this delicious spicy taco a second round.  I haven’t been to the truck in a few weeks, but this was by far the crowd pleaser in our group so check it out.

I’ve been back again to the Chow Truck and it’s been consistently good.  As well as handing out goodness in the beloved form of a taco, they also appeal to others in the form of a tiny hamburger or “slider” who love a good burger like I do.  This was great just like the tacos are.

So go try out the Chow Truck and let me know how you like it.  I read that yesterday the truck was making Pork Mole Quesadillas. I missed it but hopefully they’ll have them later this week if I can break away from the office.

In closing, here’s a gallery of all of the taco enthusiasts on this trip and how many tacos they ate :

6-time world taco tasting champion Benson -- 3 tacos

Taco enthusiast Tyler -- 3 tacos

Taco enthusiast Bryce -- 3 tacos

Taco enthusiast Chris -- 3 tacos


The author of this article put away 3 tacos and he wants more. RIGHT NOW!