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  2. I’m looking for a good taco/burrito cart near 6200 S. and 3000 E. in the Cottonwood Heights area. Know of any?

    The closest cart I know of isn’t on your map. It’s in front of the Three Alarm Saloon on about 7200 S. State St.

    Great site! Keep up the good work!

  3. You need to try what my wife and I refer to as the best taco stand on the planet. My wife is from Mexico, and she will tell you these are better than anything there, and I agree. Its a taco stand on 1300 North 900 West I believe kind of over by the Fairgrounds. It is in the parking lot of a laundromat. It is yummy!! We drive 15 miles to eat tacos.

  4. thanks anon. yes, we’ve hit this taco stand on numerous occasions already and is reviewed here as well. https://slctacos.com/2009/03/24/review-tacos-el-ranchero-ii/

  5. Thank you for your great service to our community. I hit the SUGARHOLE taco cart today. They said business has been slow. Hopefully things will pick up for them as things warm up.

  6. I work just east of the Gateway and there aren’t too many taco stands within walking distance. The one by the Gateway parking entrance has disappeared. For a while, there was one between 3rd and 4th West on Second South with the best chicken tacos I have ever had. She just disappeared one day. I’m wondering if anyone knows where this cart went.

  7. the best one used to be by the Jubilee on 27th and almost 35th. My family and I used to go there and buy a ton. When she went away we found one in the Super Saver parking lot on redwood and 35th then he moved to the westerner. Now we’re stuck without any good taco carts by my house.

  8. Tina gardner

    I’m looking for a street taco vendor for a wedding in August any leads for me?

  9. Tina-

    Hidalgo II is a good choice. Their phone number is listed on this review :


  10. I’m sick as a dog, after eating at the stand on 800 s. state !!

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