The gathering of the food trucks

OK, sound the alarms.  Wake up the kids.  Lace up your shoes and get ready to go out and get some great food from a pile food trucks who have traveled across the country to feed us here in Salt Lake.  Let’s go tear it up.

I hear that this is some sort of “competition” and that there’s a possibility of “being on television”, but I really don’t understand what that means so let’s go find out, eh? 🙂

As for Saturday, I know of the following times, locations and trucks :


Saturday – 11am until 7pm
(this is all according to the Twitter account for the SLC Chow Truck)
Address : Canyon Rim Center 3150 East 3300 South
The food trucks at this location are:


Saturday – 11am until 2pm (according to the Torta Truck)
Address : RC Willey at 2301 S. 300 W.


Saturday (according to local legend Matt Crane)
10:30am to 8pm at Coffee Garden at 9th South and 9th East

  1. Seabirds (from San Diego)


Saturday (according to this flyer handed out at Frida’s Bistro today)
11am to 2:30 at Rico’s Market (779 South 500 East)
3pm to 5pm at Frida’s Bistro (545 West 700 South)


Saturday (According to the Salt Lake Tribune)
noon until 7pm
389 W. 1830 South (PetSmart)


3 responses to “The gathering of the food trucks

  1. Went to where ChowTruck was this am and were disappointed that none of the other trucks had arrived by 11am (KorillaBBQ, HodgePodge, and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese). We drove over to see Devilicious at RC Willy and, to tell you the truth, we disappointed. Had to wait 1/2 hr for a grilled cheese sandwich and 40 min for a BLT (which wasn’t very good). They were busy, but not THAT busy. Given that it was the the first day and they had a budget of only $100.00, I guess we can give them a break and try again tomorrow. They said they would have a full menu then.
    Went back to location ChowTruck and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese was there. This was about 12:15 and they said it would be another 20 minutes before they could open. We went to The Citris Grill down the street for a Bloody Mary and soup then came back. Boy, was it crowded. Line was really, really long. We were looking forward to having one of their sandwiches but, by this time, we were a little tired of waiting so we’ll try them tomorrow!

  2. Had fried tomatoes at HodgePodge in Liberty Park. Those were awesome and a lot of food for $5. Their loaded HodgePodge Dawg looked awesome (wrapped in bacon, topped with BBQ and short ribs) looked awesome, but was too full to have one.

    Grabbed a cuban sandwich from Cafe con Leche in front of Ricos. It was good, pretty darn good, but took like 10 minutes, and was over-priced at $10.

    Also went to check out the Chow location around 1:45, but was disappointed to only find Roxy’s, Chow, and a super-long line, so we left.

    Does anyone know if the trucks are still around tomorrow?

  3. Does anyone know where the trucks will be sunday?

    I was dissapointed by roxy’s they opened around 1:40 and a huge line had formed. Then I looked online to find where others trucks were. I saw where they were on here but unfortunately I had to get back to work.

    please let me know!

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