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Reviews coming very soon

I’m out the door in a couple of hours to go to the NAMM trade show.  I’m really hoping I can get a picture of Slash holding a taco, or at least him running away as I try to hand him a taco.  Meanwhile, Noyen and I are working on a few reviews right now of some places that you may or may not have experienced yet.

So we’ll be setting up a reviews page totalling up all the restaurants, stands, carts, and taco trucks that we review on this site.

If there are any taco locations missing from our TACO MAP, make sure to point it out.  I know there are some missing, but it’s hard to be everywhere at once.  So e-mail us those locations and also let us know if there is a particular restaurant which should be reviewed.

Also, please light candles and say prayers that I can get close enough to Slash to drop salsa on him.