Reviews coming very soon

I’m out the door in a couple of hours to go to the NAMM trade show.  I’m really hoping I can get a picture of Slash holding a taco, or at least him running away as I try to hand him a taco.  Meanwhile, Noyen and I are working on a few reviews right now of some places that you may or may not have experienced yet.

So we’ll be setting up a reviews page totalling up all the restaurants, stands, carts, and taco trucks that we review on this site.

If there are any taco locations missing from our TACO MAP, make sure to point it out.  I know there are some missing, but it’s hard to be everywhere at once.  So e-mail us those locations and also let us know if there is a particular restaurant which should be reviewed.

Also, please light candles and say prayers that I can get close enough to Slash to drop salsa on him.

2 responses to “Reviews coming very soon

  1. Nice Page Kelly, I am going to try the Jaripeo. Back in the day it was a Chinese. One of the few you could hit at 3am after they threw you out of the bars.

    Now I’ll give you one of my favs to go look at.

    Taco’s Daniel at 1009 No 900 West menu is expansive but I never seem to get past the tacos 4 tacos al pastor chips salsa and a modelo negra for under 10 bucks sounds like lunch to me. (tacos are $.99 each)

  2. Jaripeo was OK, but not nearly as good as Guelaguetza was. I wish there were more restaurants who specialized in Oaxacan food around town. While I was at El Paisa this week helping a friend write a City Weekly article about taco stands, I met some guys at the stand who were from Oaxaca. They told me that the only restaurants they knew of that served this kind of food were Jaripeo (formerly Guelaguetza) and Red Iguana. I will definitely try Jaripeo again, but so far it’s just medium.

    Tacos Daniel! I’ve heard about that place. I think you’ve posted about it before. I saw it on Tuesday night because I started volunteering English right around there. I will definitely try it out in the next week or two and write up a review. Thanks for the reminder on that one!

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