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SLC Tacos is a site for people who enjoy Mexican food, especially street tacos.  If it were to be summed up into a mission statement, it would probably read as thus :



Kelly received his doctorate degree in “ciencia de los tacos” from la Universidad de Oaxaca in 2002. Since then he has received many further awards in taco academia including an honorary degree in “La historia del taco : su impacto cultural y su delicia” from la Universidad de las America in Mexico City. His 2005 publication “Tacos en nuestras calles : riesgo o sangre de la vida?” led to his reception of the Congressional Medal of Tacos, our nation’s highest honor.  He has traveled backpacking through Mexico tasting of its cuisine and hospitality.  While he deeply loves the Spanish language, he is certainly no expert.  His many errors en español have resulted in much laughter and occasionally resultados calientes.

He enjoys music, linguistics, art and many other topics which he sometimes writes about at http://www.burgersmoke.com.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please send them along.  Also, if you would like to contribute to the site in any way through writing, reviews, photos, etc, please contact Kelly :

slickkelly –at– hotmail –dot– com


Noyen (aka Nairb Noslrac aka Brian Carlson) is a game designer, writer, musician, amongst other things, but more importantly, a severe taco enthusiast. He has runs many websites including  http://www.noyen.org and http://www.noyen.com, that were once part of the buzzing E/N scene. Noyen has been writing for himself and others pleasure since BBS days but has fallen out of the internet rat race as of late. He loves to travel, write, take pictures, talk and drive his Subaru Impreza all over the country.

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  1. I am having a problem with your ‘Taco Map.’ When I download it from your website, all I get is a street map with no locations designated.

  2. a mention or at least ways to help?


  3. Brian Nicholson

    I work for the Deseret News / El Observador and would like to talk to you for a story we may run about your taco expertise. Please call me when you have a minute at 801-333-7404.



  4. Hey do you have the contact information for any of these taco carts?

  5. Just read your review of the taco showdown in Provo. Do you have a map of taco carts in the Provo area?

  6. I am interested in renting a catering taco cart for a small party at my home. Any tips?

  7. Hellow all inquiring about contacting these street carts. 99% of them don’t have an office or phone number to be reached. Your best bet is going downtown and approaching these people in person. I know that some carts have markets they are associated with, or perhaps restaurants, but we don’t have all the information on each one compiled anywhere. That could be something we look into doing in the future. So in the meantime, our way, and your only way of communicating with the carts, is by finding them on the street, and talking with the owners. They are all friendly and approachable and willing to talk about doing business. I wish we could do more for them by providing a central place of communication between the carts and the customers.

    Also, we don’t have any maps for provo, but if anyone has known locations please do post them so we can add a provo map (if it warrants having one).

  8. What do you guys think of Molcasalsa Mexican Food?? They got some great food….let me know what you think.

  9. omg! is kelly’s bio serious?…luv it! kelly studied the Science of the Taco! who would’ve thought that even existed? that’s awesome! keep up the good work boys and put the Taco Academics to good work!

  10. Unfortunately, some of the information on my bio is fabricated. I have not officially studied the “Science of the Taco” and I have never written a thesis about it either.

    However, I would like to study such a thing so I decided to put it down. 🙂

  11. What time do they stop selling at the Taco Stand in Salt Lake City ?

  12. Hi Ashlee-

    It depends on the taco stand. Some are open to 10pm, while others are open late until times like 1am or 2am. I haven’t asked every taco stand owner this question since they usually tell me that it depends on how much business they are getting.

  13. I am planning a “fiesta” themed party for my husband’s 40th birthday.
    I would love to have (rent) a taco stand/cart with some tasty tacos!! Any suggestions or recommendations??

  14. I’m looking for a taco stand/cart who could cater to a Cinco De Mayo lunch for a small group next Thursday. Is there anyone in Orem/Provo area?

  15. Sorry, Dave. I’m not familiar with any taco carts in the Orem/Provo area.

    Anyone else know of some down there?

  16. hi, we live in heber and every year i have a big taco party, my usual taco guy has gone back home. do you have any suggestions of a taco truck that would travel to heber – and is of course good. i am just looking for your basic asada tacos about 400 of them – thanks for your help. i love the blog. melis

  17. You need to try the Nacho House in North Salt Lake, off Highway 89 and directly accross the street from the new city building. Great carne asada tacos and delicious home made food. Word of mouth has spread and the family just expanded into the space next door. Proof that if you make good food, good things happen.

  18. Sounds good. I will have to see if I can make it up there sometime soon to try the tacos!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  19. The company I work for is looking in to some food trucks and taco stands for us to have come around everyday around noon it would be a very potential place for them to make money as there are no close resturants around We are located in taylorsville couple blocks from I-15 and 4500 south if you know anyone or information on anyone that would like to come out that would be great if you could send me there contact information Thanks

  20. I’m looking for the phone number of Rey de los tamales. If you could provide that to me it would be much appreciated.

  21. My company (about 70 employees) are looking for a food truck to come to our location a couple times a week for lunch. We are located in a business park in West Valley City. Any information you could provide would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  22. Nicole broberg

    I would like to hire a taco stand for our school’s award night. Any suggestions?

  23. We do catering, we are in 790 s state st SLC, Ut since 1998, first taco stand in Utah ” TACOS DON RAFA” info.tacosdonrafa@gmail.com or in facebook Tacos Don Rafa

  24. Friend me on Facebook, I rent taco stand with full service catering in west valley, salt lake & surrounding areas. 8016383061.

  25. The best and 1st Taco Stand in Utah since 1998
    We do catering all state around 801 425 6304
    Facebook Tacos Don Rafa
    Taco Stand:
    798 S State St
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Kitchen and Office:
    919 S State St
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  26. Hey Kelly,
    Do you know of any good taco carts that do el pastor tacos with the meat still on the spit?


    The Blended Table

  27. Kathy Chekouras

    We need a food truck at our Company event on November 6 – about 400 employees + families. Please call me – Kathy at Swire Coca-Cola – 816-5380

  28. I am looking to hire a taco truck for catering for approx 90 individuals on Dec 15th. Please can you call me on 801-673-6227. Thank you 🙂

  29. Hi Victoria-

    Here at slctacos.com we review taco carts but we do own any taco carts. If you look above in these comments and in previous reviews there are several phone numbers of taco carts that do catering that you can call.

    Good luck!

  30. I love tacos as well. I want to talk to you more about taco truck businesses. Call me back at 385-228-5311

  31. Tacos Don Rafa

    Yes of courses, we are avalivility.., we charge a $1.00 each taco, burritos and quesadillas $5.00 each, rice&beans $2.00 , plus a $100.00 set up fee charge in SLC area, we require minimum $400.00 plus the set up SLC Area, Total minimum $500.00 in Salt Lake Area. We bring a taco cart, salsa topping bar, plates, napkins, 3 different kind of meats and Profesional staff. We need a 50% deposit in advance cash or check TACOS Don RAFA INC. to make the reservation and close the day in our calendar and the other 50% only cash when we make the set up before serving. 798 S State St “TACO STAND” , 919 S State St “OFICE & KITCHEN” SLC, UTAH. If you have any question let me know.

    Best rewards,

    CEO Jesus Rosas, 801 425 6304

    Best rewards,

    Tacos Don Rafa Inc. CEO Jesus Rosas Celular phone: (801) 425 6304 http://www.tacosdonrafa.com https://www.facebook.com/donrafatacos 798 S State St (taco stand) 919 S State St (commisary & office) Salt Lake City, Utah USA 84111

    Best rewards,

    Tacos Don Rafa Inc. CEO Jesus Rosas Celular phone: (801) 425 6304 http://www.tacosdonrafa.com https://www.facebook.com/donrafatacos 798 S State St (taco stand) 919 S State St (commisary & office) Salt Lake City, Utah USA 84111

    CEO J. Jesus Rosas Eventos y Banquetes “LUXOR” Blv Miguel de la Madrid No 925 Manzanillo, Colima, MÉXICO TELCEL 314 100 6671 NEXTEL 145 3428 eventosybanquetesluxor@live.com.mx https://www.facebook.com/jesusrosas.l.manzanillo http://www.luxorloungemanzanillo.com

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    El 18/02/2015, a las 09:50 a.m., SLC Tacos escribió:

    > >

  32. Hey! Do you visit many cafes? You should check out Real Foods Market in Sugarhouse. There is a cafe inside. They have wild caught Alaskan salmon tacos and Kambucha braised apple pork tacos. All organic non GMO/MSG super awesome people. I love it. They are locally owned and try to use as much local products as possible. Lots to learn about meat and dairy products made in Utahs! Perfect spot for lunch! Check it out! Its the goods for reals.

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