West Valley Taco Showdown!!!

I recently started teaching English at a new location in West Valley on 3500 S.  Last Monday night before class I had a brilliant idea : TACO SHOWDOWN.  There are two taco stands I know of which are right across the street from each other on 3500 S.  I decided that I would try tacos from each of them the same night and see which one would be the winner.

It was serious.  There was pico de gallo everywhere.   I got a lot of salsa in or around my mouth.  But I am a taco journalist.  There was work to be done.


In order to keep things equal, I decided to try :

  • one al pastor
  • one lengua
  • one taco besides these that the owner recommends

So which one did I like more?   Which one will I be hitting up more often as I fuel up before teaching English?  Who emerged victorious in this TACO SHOWDOWN?!?!?!?!?!

Well, you can just scroll down and find out.

Or if you are lazy, you can click these links :

Tacos El Jaripeo vs. Tacos Alex


Wait… you’re wondering why all the circa 1995 animated explosions below?  You act like you’ve never been to a TACO SHOWDOWN before.  If you’re afraid now, you should probably find another website…

2 responses to “West Valley Taco Showdown!!!

  1. HAHAHAHAHilarious! Personally I like to imagine a couple of hard shelled tacos flipping guacamole at each other. After this post, there won’t be a food critic in the world who doesn’t admire you. Even that chubby guy that eats cow heart. You just eat the tongue, after all.

  2. Do you ever get tired of being so awesome? I LOVE this!!! 🙂

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