A champion will be made today…

Today at Chunga’s, taco enthousiast Seth is going to attempt the 27 taco challenge.  If he succeeds, he will continue to be known as a fearless food challenge accepter.  So far, he has successfully done the “11 challenge” at the Wing Coop and he has also eaten dishes at Chanon Thai (often awarded the City Weekly “best place to burn our tongue”) at a spice level of 5 and 10.

P.S. We didn’t even know they offered a 10 until they met Seth.  A true champion was recognized the moment they saw him eat the #5.

This is happening in minutes.

Wish him luck.

Pray for his stomach.

Here is a before shot :

2 responses to “A champion will be made today…

  1. So did he make it?

  2. I’m trying to get the video of the event off my camera as we speak. Should be up within a day or two…

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