Taco Stand Robbery/Assault

Nate wrote us to inform us of a terrible incident that happened on 7700 South and 600 West. If you have ANY information about this, please contact the police! Here is a story KSL ran on the incident: here

There are some interesting comments on the story on the KSL site i want to address later, mostly dealing with the fact that many people seem to have the opinion that taco stands are not welcome in our communities, and even attract crime. What are your opinions, slctacos readers?

One response to “Taco Stand Robbery/Assault

  1. I think it is wrong to punish these people who are trying to make a living, while giving a product that is one of God’s greatest gifts to man.

    People are just bigots and get all worked up when they see a bunch of hispanics standing around on a corner enjoying themselves. In fact they are usually really nice people that laugh with me when I practice my spanish on them. ¡Tres asada y dos carnitas, por favor!

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