Taco cart spotted in Sugarhood

Brace yourselves taco enthusiasts.  I have two pieces of news :

  1. I am getting better at English language and have learned how to properly spell enthusiast.
  2. There is a new TACO CART in Sugarhouse right in front of the SUGARHOLE!!!

I will be visting this stand ASAP next week to check it out and provide a full report.

Has anyone else out there tried it yet???

5 responses to “Taco cart spotted in Sugarhood

  1. Sorry to break the news to you, but that is not a new taco cart to that area. When I worked out at the Golds Gym in Sugarhouse we would all go there to eat afterwards.

  2. I drive on that street every day and it showed up in that location (on the East side of Highland, across from Barnes and Noble) about 2 weeks ago.

    Was it in a different location before that? Or is it the same owners who ran the cart that was in front of Sugarhouse Coffee and Blue Boutique before they ripped the buildings down leaving the giant Sugarhole?

    How long have you been eating at that cart, and what do you get there?

  3. Hello? How about a new review?

  4. Check it out, jason.

    Finally a new review on the site. Sorry it took so long and thanks for reading!

  5. Spotted it a couple days ago when I was at Fats and walking to Fiddlers …. I will try it and let you know.

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