PUPUSA REVIEW — Chulton City Pupusa Stand


Just a few taco enthusiasts becoming PUPUSA enthusiasts

Pupusas Chulton City

300 S Main (SW corner of the street by the bank)

Salt Lake City, UT


4 out of 5 stars

A few weeks ago I received an important and urgent message from taco enthusiast GURTHY.  Since he and I both work in the downtown area and he knows of my love of tacos he sent me an IM that there was a new taco stand located on the corner of the 300 S and Main.  I promised Gurthy I would check out the stand and report back.  Jon, consider this your attention.

A few of us walked over from work to report on this new “taco” stand.  We were immediately surprised to find PUPUSAS instead.

GURTHY INITIAL REPORT : Don’t be alarmed, but this is not a taco stand

GURTHY SECOND REPORT : Although this site is titled slcTACOS.com, this review will go on, because I love pupusas and their birthplace is as close to Mexico as you get.

What is a pupusa? I suppose now would be a good time to talk about their deliciousness.  A pupusa is a wonderful treat which comes to us from El Salvador.  However, instead of using a thin tortilla like our amigos mexicanos, these salvadorenos use maize flour dough to create a thick flat bread which they will with all sorts of things like cheese, pork, chicken and many others.  The best way I have found to describe pupusas to most people is that they are a lot like a mexican gordita but their bread is much thicker.


A pupusa is born in this visual example of how maize flour dough is transformed into a pupusa.

After relating this information to my taco compatriots, we started right away and I ordered three pupusas : cheese, chicken and pork.  After ordering I asked the owners how long they had been open.  At the time of writing, this familia salvadorena has been open for about 2 months and they report that business has been very good so far.  The name of the stand they tells me comes from their hometown in El Salvador.  I did a bit of searching on the electric internet and so far have not been able to find anything about the city or find it on a map.

Pupusas at the stand run $1.50 a piece and usually 2 or 3 will be more than enough for a meal.  Add a bit of cabbage and salsa and you’re in business for a great meal on the hustling and bustling streets of downtown Salt Lake City.


A quick little snapshot of two of the pupusas I found a home for.

After our meal, I asked our otherwise band of tacovores what they thought of the meal and they had already made up their minds to come back.  We exchanged a few laughs with the owners of the stand who were thrilled to be causing the beginning of 5 new pupusa careers and we promised to come back soon.

GURTHY FINAL REPORT : So that’s a pupusa and it’s a block from your work.  Are you man enough to try one?

11 responses to “PUPUSA REVIEW — Chulton City Pupusa Stand

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  2. i love PUPUSAS! I’ll have to check this out.

  3. Frank Hernandez

    As a Salvadoran I really enjoy your comments about pupusas… I personally didn’t know about this stand. I’ll try it ASAP.

    By the Way… “Chulton city” is a joke… the name refers to a city named Usulutan… which is in the central part of the country and have many inmigrants here in the United States….

    Thanks again for your comments

  4. thanks for the info about the meaning of “Chulton City”, Frank!! I did a lot of searching on the Internet and came up with absolutely nothing.

    I love hearing cultural context which enhances my experience.

    Do you have any other favorite pupusa restaurants in town?

    I love EL VIROLENO and I’ve thought of writing about them.

    Also, there’s a place near my house on 2700 S that advertises PUPUSAS but I haven’t been in. You tried it?

    Thanks again for reading and participating!

  5. Frank Hernandez

    I love el Viroleno too…!!! I believe those are the best Pupusas in town…. because are the closest to the real deal…. all other places are so, so…. no restaurant in town uses “Quesillo” (little cheese) that is the magic ingredient for authentic pupusas.

    I should try the other place that you mention.


  6. Frank Hernandez

    By the way…. I did not mention that I’m a manager for “El Paisa Grill” where you can find the best tacos in town… LOL.

  7. my name is daniel i talked your buddy bryan not too long ago but i wanted to say
    quetzal market and quetzal imports in salt lake is were i work, and well some shameless self promotion we have some really awesome pupusas and tacos also central american style tamales
    give us a try lol

  8. Haha I am honestly the only reply to this amazing writing?!?

  9. Frank Hernandez

    I’ve found another great place to eat Pupusas…. it’s called “El Pulgarcito de America” it is a Salvadoran restaurant, with the most incredible pupusas around…. That’s, Bye, Bye Viroleno for me….
    It’s Located on 1500 W North Temple.
    You should definitely try it.

  10. vivia usulutav(chulton city)

  11. It looks like “Chulton City” sent you on a wild goose chase. I love my people. Awesome.

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