The Power of Tacos

So we talked in to Chunga’s a few days ago and noticed a new bit of artwork on the wall which re-iterates the power of the taco.  We had to get a picture of taco enthusiast Jeff in front of it.

Does anyone know who originally stated the quote?

I’m pretty sure it was Benjamin Franklin, right?

3 responses to “The Power of Tacos

  1. man, i SWEAR i’ve said that somewhere, written it somewhere.. definitely said it out loud. i can’t find any proof though :(. sadly, i think i will go my life un-credited. even for my appearances in movies such as ‘independence day’, ‘the sisterhood of the traveling pants’ and ‘glitter’

  2. This should have written this across all 4 walls:
    “TACO is such a powerful word. you can combine it with so many other powerful words. MIGHTY. MASSIVE. HUGE. APOCALYPTIC. BEHOLD THE TACO.”
    (via Noyen’s twitter)

  3. *They should have…

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