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Are you ready for this?  Are you ready for another taco showdown?  Are you ready for animated GIFs of splosions?


Maybe you said yes to the questions above, but I hope you are firmly seated in your Internet chair for the next one….  Are you ready for PROVO?  That’s right, the next episode of TACO SHOWDOWN is in Provo, UT.  I know, I know…  The website is technically named http://www.slctacos.com, but several enthoustiasts have written in about great tacos in Utah County.  So I gathered some friends and we decided to take a drive to try these tacos.  And remember what Provo feels like.

Let’s get this Provo edition of Taco Showdown started…

Scroll down and read the reviews below, or click on the links below…

Diego’s Taco Shop


Chunga’s (Provo location)